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Table of Contents - July 30, 2014

Wheeler Asks VZ To Explain Plan To Slow 4G Users Speeds During Congestion

Citing the company's obligations under the FCC's open platform rules for the 700 megahertz C block, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today asked Verizon Wireless to justify its announcement last week that beginning it October it will extend its existing "network optimization policy"-which slows the data transmission speeds experienced by the heaviest users on unlimited data plans when a cell site is congested-from 3G to 4G service subscribers.

"'Reasonable network management' concerns the technical management of your network; it is not a loophole designed to enhance your revenue streams. It is disturbing to me that Verizon Wireless would base its 'network management' on distinctions among its customers' data plans, rather than on network architecture or technology,"Chairman Wheeler said in a letter to Verizon Wireless President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Mead, dated today.

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