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Table of Contents - May 22, 2015

FCC Opposes Open Internet Stay Plea, Supports Speedy Review

The FCC and intervenors supporting its February open Internet order today urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to reject a motion to stay the order pending judicial review, while supporting petitioners' alternative request for expedited consideration of their challenge.

In a filing in "U.S. Telecom Association et al. v. FCC" (consolidated cases beginning at 15-1063) dated today, the FCC said, "Petitioners' stay motion is not what it seems. It asks the Court to halt the application of Title II of the Communications Act to broadband, while allowing three bright-line rules to go into effect. But those bright-line rules are precisely the kind of regulation this Court held could not be applied until and unless broadband was reclassified as a 'telecommunications service.'"

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