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Table of Contents - October 1, 2014

Wheeler Challenges Panelists To Define 'Reasonable' Wireless Network Management

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler challenged participants in a Sept. 16 agency roundtable on mobile broadband and the open Internet to specify what should constitute "reasonable network management" for wireless platforms.

Having encouraged panelists at the beginning of the all-day series of staff-led roundtable discussions on issues raised in the Commission's open Internet rulemaking proceeding to work toward "a set of equities" and "common solutions," the Chairman intervened in the middle of the final panel to make clear that he didn't accept arguments offered by wireless industry representatives that potential congestion, lower capacity, and "millisecond-to-millisecond" network management justify viewing mobile wireless networks as "unique."

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Verizon Does Not Support Platform Parity, Exec Says

Contrary to the interpretation that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler placed on recent statements by Verizon Communications, Inc., officials (see separate story), Verizon Senior Vice President-public policy Craig Silliman said in a Sept. 17 blog post that the company does not "support imposing the same net neutrality regulatory regime on mobile broadband that some wish to see imposed on wireline broadband networks."

Mr. Silliman did not attribute a different view of Verizon's position to anyone specific, including Chairman Wheeler, saying only that there had been "questions" about that position during "the past several days."

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