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Table of Contents - August 1, 2014

Policy Debate Regulars Add Voices to 1M+ Individuals Filing Comments in Open Internet Proceeding

In the final hours before the deadline for filing initial comments in the FCC's proceeding on proposed changes to its open Internet rules, parties who regularly participate in Commission proceedings joined an unusually large number of individual filers to push the number of comments past 1.06 million, and FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler emphasized that the Commission's eventual action "depends on what we learn during this process."

Many of the individual filers seem to have been inspired to participate by reports that the rules the FCC has proposed to replace those struck down by a federal appeals court earlier this year would allow paid prioritization and Internet " fast and slow lanes."

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Smaller Carriers Spar With Verizon, AT&T on Roaming

Smaller wireless carriers and public interest groups are urging the FCC to act on a petition and provide guidance for determining whether the terms of data roaming agreements meet the "commercially reasonable" standard set by the Commission in its 2011 data roaming order (TR, May 1, 2011). They say such action is needed because of the difficulty smaller providers have had in securing data roaming agreements with Verizon Wireless and AT&T, Inc. - the two largest wireless carriers.

Some want the FCC to go even further than the petition requests, including by establishing a "shot clock" for roaming agreements to be completed and requiring carriers to file agreements with the Commission.

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