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Table of Contents - December 15, 2014

FCC Seeks Input on Protecting Consumers, Competition During Tech Transitions

The FCC has launched a proceeding to protect consumers and competition as carriers transition to newer technologies. The Commission wants to know how it can best ensure backup power for customer equipment during electricity outages, seeks input on proposals for ensuring transparency and customer notification regarding network changes and copper infrastructure retirement, and tentatively concludes that incumbent telcos must offer equivalent wholesale access when they stop offering a current wholesale service.

Over the partial dissents of Commissioners Ajit Pai and Mike O'Rielly, the FCC took the action through a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) and a declaratory ruling adopted in Wireline Competition dockets 14-174 and 13-5 at the Commission's Nov. 21 meeting.

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AT&T 'Stands By' April Deployment Plan

AT&T, Inc., has told the FCC that it "is not limiting our FTTP deployment to 2 million homes" covered by its Directv merger commitments, and that it "still plans to complete the major initiative we announced in April to expand our ultra-fast GigaPower fiber network in 25 major metropolitan areas nationwide, including 21 new major metropolitan areas."

The merger commitment would involve an additional 2 million customer locations, beyond those covered by the April announcement, the company said.

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