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Table of Contents - November 1, 2014

U.S. Hopes to Focus ITU On Increasing Deployment

Just days ahead of the start of the International Telecommunication Union 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-14) U.S. State Department officials emphasized the importance of ensuring that the ITU continues to focus on its "fundamental role" of bringing communications and broadband connections to people around the world, and that it does not attempt to co-opt Internet governance and standard-setting roles already being performed effectively by other international organizations.

Speaking to reporters on Oct. 16, Catherine Novelli, under secretary of state-economic growth, energy, and the environment, said that at the upcoming PP-14, the U.S. will focus on preserving the multistakeholder approach to Internet governance and ensuring that the ITU "plays its fundamental role in making sure there is connectivity for more people." She added, "We don't think that there's one place where the governance of the Internet should rest."

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FCC Adopts Order to Streamline Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

The FCC has adopted a report and order to streamline the deployment of wireless infrastructure, including distributed antenna systems (DAS) and other small cells, collocated equipment, and temporary towers. The Commission said the new rules will help spur the deployment of broadband services and allow wireless carriers to expand capacity to handle the increase in traffic.

The Oct. 17 action drew praise from the wireless industry but criticism from advocates for local governments.

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